Must Remain on Paved Areas on Greenway in County Now

Must Remain on Paved Areas on Greenway in County Now


I am writing to inform you of the attached order passed by the Board of Commissioners yesterday that officially closes all off-pavement areas of county owned land along the Bear Creek Greenway during fire season, as set and defined by the Oregon Department of Forestry.  Coincidentally, the ODF declared fire season was effective yesterday in tandem with the passage of the order.  The order is now in effect and users must remain on paved surfaces while using the trail on county property.  County ordinance provides the Board the ability to close portions of the greenway to protect the health or safety of the public or the safety of the Greenway or its facilities, specifically including during fire hazards.

Our Sheriff’s office, along with our Parks program will manage the issue, beginning with initially educating users, then proceeding with enforcement of the issue for users that do not comply.  Violating the closure can lead to a 2nd degree criminal trespass charge.  Please note that the closure applies to all users of the greenway and is not limited to camping.

It is important to clarify that the order does not apply to private, city, state or other non-county owned lands along the greenway.  I encourage you to consider similar measures to help prevent a repeat of recent events.


Danny Jordan

Jackson County Administrator