Planning Department

The Planning Department can help you with questions related to:

  • Zoning
  • Allowed uses on properties within the City
  • Setbacks
  • Development in the Floodplain and Riparian areas
  • What requires a permit from the City and or County

City Street Standards 101019

Street Standards Ordinance bullet points

Sign Regulations

Shady Cove Zoning Clearance Permit Application 2023

Building Plan Procedure

Comp Plan

Accessory Dwelling Units Definition Amendments (DRAFT)

Riparian Ordinance

Updated Hardship RV Appeal Application

Encroachment Permit

Property/Weed Abatement Complaint Form

New Business Guide Brochure



For more information, please contact Debby Jermain at 541-878-8204 or Email


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Strategic Plan 2001

For all construction projects:

Energy Trust of Oregon is an independent nonprofit that serves specific utility customers in Oregon and southwest Washington. 

 In Jackson, Josephine, and Douglas counties, Energy Trust serves Pacific Power and Avista customers—in residential (single- and multi-family), commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors—in existing buildings and new or renovated construction, and in other energy use applications.

 Your project may be eligible for Energy Trust cash incentives, technical assistance and information to increase energy efficiency, providing long-term utility bill and operational savings, and to generate clean renewable energy. 

 Contact Energy Trust to discuss your project and incentives or services that may be applicable, at 844.368.4545 or , or online at