Weed Abatement Deadline was May 15!

Weed Abatement – Fire Prevention 051519

The City of Shady Cove needs your help to keep the risk of wildland fire down this summer.

Please assist us by following the Weed Abatement procedure within the City limits.

City Staff will be out assessing properties immediately after the May 15 deadline.

“The owner, agent of owner and/or occupant of any lot or parcel within the limits of the City of Shady Cove shall cut and remove the weeds, grass, bushes and shrubbery growing thereon, or on the adjacent and abutting streets between May 15th through September 30th of each year…”

“It is expected that property owner/occupant will comply voluntarily; however, should the owner/occupant fail or neglect to cut weeds, grass, or shrubbery as herein provided, the City shall serve a Weed Abatement Notice requiring that the property be abated within 14 days of notice.”

“Failure to comply to the Weed Abatement Notice may result in the following actions:

  • $500 fine for each day of violation
  • Lien against said property for cost of abatement”

Please also note if your property is on Highway 62, ODOT has a certain amount of Right-of-Way and it may not go all the way to your fence.  There are numerous properties we have noted with high weeds against a fence that are not in ODOT’s Right-of-Way.  Better safe than sorry.

A big round of applause for Fire District 4 for showing us what a nice looking, safe piece of property should look like!

It’s better looking, it’s safer, and…

It’s the Law


To help everyone, here is a list of those businesses that do weed abatement.  The City of Shady Cove does not recommend any business over another, this is just a list of those having licenses in the City.

Licensed Landscapers – Yard Maintenance Contractors Updated 052119