Weed Abatement to Start on May 1!

Weed Abatement to Start on May 1!

The Shady Cove City Council, at their 040220 meeting, that was available to the public telephonically, decided unanimously to move the date for enforcing the following ordinance from May 15 to May 1.  This action is effective immediately and is following several cities in the Valley that have decided that Fire Season is too important to wait until later in the year to start enforcement.

Please help the whole community by taking action now.  If there are any questions, do not hesitate to contact City Hall at 541-878-2225.  Community Service Officers will be patrolling regularly.

Noxious vegetation. The presence of vegetation on property or in the right-of-way of a street, alley or sidewalk abutting the property, anytime between May 1 and September 30 of any year including:

Weeds or grass more than 10 inches

Blackberry bushes that extend into a public thoroughfare or across a property line

Poison oak or ivy

Vegetation that is a health hazard, a fire hazard or other hazard because it is near other combustibles, or a traffic hazard because it impairs the view of the public thoroughfare or otherwise makes use of the thoroughfare hazardous for pedestrians and/or vehicles.