Update on Fire

Fire Chief Winfrey has notified us that there is no loss of property within city limits of Shady Cove.  At this time, fire crews have set up camp in Aunt Caroline’s Park.

The fire is near city limits and is holding at the upper section of Indian Creek.  Yesterday our area got air support and other resources have become available.  However, the significant factor is weather, especially the wind.  According to the Oregon State Fire Marshall, a Red Flag Warning is still in effect until 8 PM this evening for unstable atmospheric conditions but winds will trend lower.  We pray that the winds cooperate with that prediction.

City officials and staff have also been ordered out of the City but we are helping emergency efforts where we can.  In order to not retard the efforts of Chief Winfrey and other first responders, we primarily rely on them to contact us with updates and requests for help.  City Hall will re-open as soon as it is safe for citizens, staff, and officials to return.

When we are allowed back in the City, we must avoid detaining or interrupting the firefighting efforts so please avoid areas where first responders are located such as Aunt Carline’s Park.  Also, there will be increased emergency vehicle traffic for some time so be aware of their presence and pull off to the side of the roads when you see them.

Our lives and properties are literally in the hands of our first responders and the gratitude we owe them is immense.


Mayor Lena Richardson

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